The basic business of DigiArts is the service of digital printing on almost all flat surfaces mainly in Interior Design sector like glass, wood, acrylic, ceramic tiles, leather, leatherite, fabric, marbles, metals etc. Printing of photo quality images directly on glass, plastic, wood, canvas or other materials earlier seemed impossible. With DigiArts UV Digital Printing Initiative this is possible and affordable for everybody and we are able to make any thing look attractive according to the interior and therefore the owner's personality. That is why the market of UV printing is on the booming stage.

Digiarts Decor is a pioneer when it comes to digital printing service with best quality, durability and reliability.. You can select from an image bank of over 10,000+ exclusive latest and trendy designs that contains category to meet all your design needs. 


The target market of UV printing centres are companies of interior sphere, souvenir and advertising market. The frequent orders are printing photo images on sliding-door wardrobes. kitchen set fronts, printing of masterpiece copies and portraits, making information stands for indoor use by means of direct printing etc.

Commited To The Future.
Commited To Our Clients.

DigiArts Decor is redefining the applications of photography and graphics to create durable
modern images on glass, metal, wood, sun-board, MDF, tiles and acrylic that lasts a lifetime.
Turning your photos or graphic designs into digital art has never been easier. We dare to
impress and surround you with sophisticated digital prints on any media you chose (Glass, Tiles, Acrylic). We offer truly flexible services to our clients as we individually customize all our products to fit in with your ideas and requirements without any hassle.


What We Do