Printing on Glass


We offer to create an impressive glass display piece from your digital graphic or photographs!!!


Our digital printing process here at DigiArt produce durable and easy to clean glass pieces that do not fade over time (guaranteed not to fade for 10 years if installed indoors). All of our pieces are made right here in INDIA.

Suited to photography and indoor signage and even outdoor applications like pool fencing, outdoor wall art, and interior applications that require waterproofing (splashbacks, shower screens, Floor Tiles), this method involves the image being printed directly onto the glass, and then heated. The image embeds into the glass, making it scratch and fade proof.All of our work is custom made and bespoke. This means we can produce work to any shape and size, with any image content.

Interior Design 
Wall panels, flooring, wardrobes, kitchen shutters & splashbacks, ceiling, furniture, home decor, partitions & dividers, shower cubicals, glass wall railing, facades, doors, personalized photos on glass etc.


Commercial spaces 
Building facades, wall paneling, partitions & dividers, display & showcases, counter tops, ceiling, doors etc


Display & showcases, events, trophies, LED Display Panels etc.

Get your personal photo printed on glass