Printing on Leather and Seude

Printing on Leather



 Whether it is shoes or belts, bags or wallets, jackets or upholstery, leather adds distinction and a touch of individuality.


Now take this to ionospheric heights with our direct digital printing on leather service. As leather has a charm of its own combined with our leather printing service, the effect is fabulous.


Full color images that jump out of the leather background are now possible. You can just as easily have line work, artistic designs, photographs or logos or slogans printed on your leather articles. With our latest edge cutting technology we can give you exactly the effect you wish to achieve on your leather products.


Nowadays printed leather bound diaries are a style statement for corporate gifting. Our state of the art machinery can print even the most intricate designs easily on polished leather or even suede.The beauty of these digital print is that we can print as little item with a customized design or print thousands of leather articles all carrying the same or different designs.

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