Printing on Wood and MDF

Printing on Wood


The trend of reflecting your own creativity and personality in your interior is as popular as ever. People want to have an input in decorating their living and working environments and preferably with personally designed images and colour combinations.

DigiArts responds to this trend with printed (and therefore personalised) wood panels.

Wood is found throughout the interior, in a professional and home environment: furniture, tables, office tables, (false) walls, doors, kitchens, cupboards, etc. Wood is easy to work with, is strong and has universal applications. And can now be 100% personalised, thanks to the unique technology for printing on wood panels, doors or walls. The result is absolutely stunning and incredibly detailed.

Application of Printed Wood and MDF 

Interior Design 
 Flooring, wardrobes, kitchen shutters, furniture, home decor, partitions & dividers, facades, doors, personalized photos on wood etc.

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